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About Us
"Before I would even call a real-estate agent, I'd have my home inspected..."
"Having an inspection (report) right on the counter during the open house...shows the buyers that the seller's got nothing to hide..."
"Sellers are strongly advised to consider getting a pre-sale home inspection..."
"NBHI made it easy to get the information I needed. There's no replacement for the peace of mind that comes with a home inspection."
- Nick, SLC
"Be sure to have the home inspection report available for prospective buyers itemizing all of the repairs that have been made and the associated cost for each..."

About Us

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Our Mission:

The mission of the National Bureau of Home Inspectors and Home Inspector Affiliate Members is to maintain and innovate our industry-leading standards and practices in an effort to continue to provide the highest quality of professional home inspection services. We will accomplish this through strict standards and systems of accountability for each affiliate NBHI Home Inspector, and ongoing research and development in home building and maintenance practices. We will consistently deliver the most innovative and productive services to ever become available in the Home Inspection Industry.

Our Promise:

We will provide you with the most valuable Home Inspection experience possible. From convenient scheduling, to the personalized walkthrough, all the way to a follow up after 1 year. We are here for Home Owners!

NBHI created a system in which every Home Inspector member is held accountable for their services, knowledge, and professionalism through monthly field tests and weekly team meetings. We found that the “professional affiliations” that so many other inspectors boasted of were not good enough for Home Owners. The reason for this is no accountability. Inspectors open their own business, and have no one to answer to for all the details of the standards they claim.

Our inspectors still own their own companies, thereby ensuring that special level of attention that you can only get from a business owner. Quality has been proven to decrease when an inspector works for someone else because they are not as worried about earning your business. The key is that as members of NBHI, Independent business owners become accountable to an independent third party. NBHI affiliate Inspectors don’t just boast of a high standard, they are held to it through our weekly meetings, individual consultations, and monthly field tests.

So, when you see the "Certified NBHI Inspection" stamp of approval, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest standard of service available.

In addition to allowing only the finest inspectors to be affiliated with NBHI (we only allow a very few inspectors per area), we provide a whole host of valuable information and discounts for Home Owners, whether buying, selling or owning your home. No individual inspector could provide the amount of extra opportunity and service that is yours by working with your NBHI Inspection Team.

Our experience stretches over 15 years in the Home Inspection Business, and is still going strong. We believe this social proof gives our new clients more than enough reason to trust that we will deliver and exceed their expectations for each home inspection.

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